This Week in Ontario Edublogs

It’s been a great week of learning for me and much of it came from my fellow Ontario Edubloggers.  If you haven’t done so, check out the great blogs at this LiveBinder site.  There is so much there to read and synthesize as the best of Ontario shares their thoughts with the world.  I’d like to highlight some great learning from each category.

From Consultants and SATs
I was one who thought that carrying my donor card in my wallet was enough.  Not so, writes Brenda Sherry in the Learning Zone.

There’s some great advice there for all who are ready to give the Gift of Life.  Please read it.

From K-12 Teachers
Heather Durnin writes about her collaboration with Clarence Fisher’s class. In addition to the collaboration between the classes up front, they’re working with a back channel and virtual bulletin boards.  That really takes things to the next level.

But, the best advice comes from her students.  The student reflection portion at the bottom reads like a textbook of advice for any classroom interested in doing a project like this.  My jaw dropped when I read their insightful comments.  Check out Mrs. D’s Flight Plan.

From Principals, VPs, and Administrators
Looking for a board project that could truly change the way that business is done?  Then, you need to read Mark Carbone’s entry about the Waterloo Region’s Future Forum.

They’re serious about moving an entire system in the right direction and you can read about the launch this week and I’m sure there will be plenty of updates as the project moves forward.

From Trustees, Higher Education
Alana Callan writes about a tool that I’ve personally been using for some collaboration myself.  It’s called Scribblar and based on the premise that people anywhere, anytime should be able to collaborate on a project.  Sure, we’ve done it with text before, but how about drawings and clipart and …

Alana used Scribblar when she attended an online conference this past weekend and shares her experience with it.  Alana continues her learning and sharing here.

What great things are happening in Ontario.  You’ve got to love the depth and the breadth of what’s going one.  Stay in touch by visiting the LiveBinder above and see what’s happening.  That’s what I do.

At the LiveBinder site,  there is a form that will let you add your own favourite Ontario EduBlogger site to the mix.  That favourite person might well be you.  Let us know all about you.

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