Bookmarking, Part V

The same rationale that I used yesterday continues today.  If you have a good collection of bookmarks tucked away on Delicious or Diigo, then it makes a great deal of sense to search them first.  After all, you’ve already previewed them and if you’re looking at the entirety of these services, so have others.  WhyContinue reading “Bookmarking, Part V”

links for 2011-02-02

Free Online Children's Storybooks | Story Time For Me FREE ONLINE CHILDREN'S BOOKS (tags: Story literacy books elementary book children free online) Google Cracks Down on Spammers and Scrapers | Epicenter | In a move that internet content creators have been dreaming about for years, web search giant Google has moved to crack down onContinue reading “links for 2011-02-02”