Spammers Crack Me Up

Thank you Akismet from keeping this stuff from the public.  But, to the spammer…

Is there a difference between “checking constantly” and “checking continuously”?  Or, how about “seeking” and “looking”?

All this checking seems to have been done within one minute of each other.

5 thoughts on “Spammers Crack Me Up

  1. Thanks, Cailey. Usually, my blog puts people to sleep. I laughed when I went to check spam this morning and saw this. I make sure not to leave the phishing links and emails out of any screen captures.


  2. SPAM can be both hilarious and at times, annoying… saw a figure that 89% of emails sent in 2010 was spam.

    My recent encounter, which like yours, was rather humorous:

    I RTed a friend’s joke :

    Nice… RT @sandtree: RT @_Apoyando Egypt needs a new president. I need a summer job. This could be perfect.

    Within minutes, I got a mention from a user I don’t follow, and who has since been suspended. They wrote:

    Lookin for a summer job. I found out a perfect way to work from home… [followed by crappy link]

    I replied:

    Wow… intelligent spam… guess you didnt get the joke, my dear watson (jeopardy and sherlock holmes pun X 2)

    I’ve RSSed with the hopes that I want get ‘put to sleep’ haha. Thnx for the share 🙂


  3. I don’t doubt you that that spam figure is that high. It’s amazing how we just accept it as a cost of doing business. Thankfully, we have spam filters and Twitter ready to remove these accounts for us.


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