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There’s no question that the Apple products took the world by storm with iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad.  Through my connections, I’ve experienced each.  The technologies certainly change a number of ways that I do things.  When it came time to get my own personal phone, rather than through my employer, I left the Apple product line and went with an HTC Legend.  A couple of things went in to the choice; both products and more were available through Bell but the cost was a major factor plus I had just returned from Mountain View where I’d done some programming on the Android devices.  I haven’t regretted the decision.

Sure, there are more applications for iOS but the ones that I use on a regularly basis are ubiquitous.  With all that’s available, I want to check my email, communicate with others using Twitter, see what’s up with Facebook, or do some internet browsing.  For fun, I’ll use the location abilities to check in at my favourite Tim Horton’s or Dog Park using the Foursquare application.  Simple document editing can be done with an Office application but major construction projects still have me turning to a traditional computer.

This approach was somewhat confirmed in this article from Edudemic.  It’s pretty clear that the direction was entertainment and being connected.  While the focus of this article was on the use of laptop computers, it’s not a large leap to see that it’s happening on the mobile platform as well.  My own observations of my class and observing the masses at shopping malls confirms this.  With all that’s available at shopping malls, I’m constantly amazed as the large crowds that you’ll find at virtually every technology store.  It seems to be the modern version of the arcade, filled with teenagers checking out all of the devices and the applications.  Last Sunday, it was like YouTube Central as I observed the Rogers and Bell stores as my wife was gift shopping.

At the recent OTF event, I sat for a few minutes with a gentleman that I’ve known for years and while I was using my iPad for productivity, he was using his Galaxy Tab for exactly the same purposes.  I did have some envy when he showed off his camera and the speed of the device was very impressive.  He was definitely in the minority amidst all of the other Apple devices but it didn’t bother him – he was able to do what he needed.

I have the same feeling with my phone.  There’s another thing that factors in all of this and that is the interface.  One of the coolest things about the HTC product is the HTC Sense Interface.

Consequently, I stood up and really noticed when I read this article about a new product from HTC.  The HTC Flyer is a tablet device from HTC and has the Sense Interface and some pretty impressive specifications.  It looks like it might just fit the bill for those who wish to enter the tablet world.  The question though is it too late to the party?  There are definitely better specifications than the current iPad but iPad2 looms on the horizon.  Can a vendor succeed with a better product if they’re late to the party?  Or will the newer products force the original to better specifications?

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