How Many Ways?

How many ways can you say "Great Blog"?  The spammers tried to do it overnight.  Here are a few caps from what I just had marked as spam and awaiting approval. Sigh.  Think I'll go for a walk...  Thank you Akismet. Imagine the discussion if those 47k+ spam comments had been real comments! Powered by … Continue reading How Many Ways?


Quite a Day

Nothing educational today but just a sharing of my trip home from New York. It was a challenging day.  Usually when people talk about these things, it includes bad experiences with the TSA but they may well have been the best part of the day. I knew that it was going to be an interesting … Continue reading Quite a Day

OTR 02/19/2011

Your School’s Profile: Are you keeping up? | The Thinking Stick In a socially connected world where communities trump content schools need to continue to monitor and adjust where their community is moving to, what tools are they adopting, and what content they are creating, talking about, and using to connect to each other. tags: … Continue reading OTR 02/19/2011