A New “Spin” for Social Media

Fuse Labs has done it again.  Another offering from there has my interest.  One of the handiest things that you can have in a social browser is to have all of your social content easily presented and collated for you.  Spindex does that for you without installing anything.  Just fire up your web browser, configure your Twitter, Facebook and any RSS feeds that you want to monitor and Spindex does the rest.

And a great deal more.

Updates to these services come across as a stream right in your web browser.  Nothing more is needed to download or install.  In many ways, it reminds me of Friend Stream on my phone.  It’s handy on the phone since you don’t have to wander from application to application to pull it all together.

In addition to just the stream though, Spindex also collected the media that has been shared recently from the resources.  I find this very interesting.  Rather than scrolling through the history looking for something, the most recent is sitting there, in the right panel, just waiting for you to do something with it.  It’s a handy collection of photos, links, and stories that the people that you’re following have mentioned.

That takes care of the recent past.  For what’s happening right now, images are embedded right in the middle of the post.  Want to know what’s trending right at the moment?  Spindex has you covered there.

Because it’s a Microsoft project, you just have to know that search will be a key component in all this.  Not only can you search your own information stream (which is always helpful), clicking on a particular tweet seems to somehow pull the key words from the message and returns a collection of related searches in the right panel.  It’s very slick if you want to do some research on a topic right in your social browser.

Finally, how many times do you wish that you could post to both Twitter and Facebook at the same time?  There are configuration options in Facebook that make it happen.  But, because you’ve connected both services to Spindex, you can post to either or both with a simple click like you would with any service.

I find Spindex and interesting “spin” on the concept of social monitoring.  I would encourage you to give it a try and see what you think.  The nice, clean interface may change your thoughts about how to best monitor your accounts.


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