Time for a Renaissance?

There’s a great song that’s worth listening to or reading the lyrics.  It’s from Aaron Tippin and entitled

“You’ve Got to Stand for Something” and is based upon the famous quote “You’ve got to stand for something or you’ll fall for anything”.

One of the things that I’ve always encouraged in my classroom is a moment of reflection on virtually everything that we do.  Whether it’s a program that’s written, a test that’s been taken, an action (good or bad), a presentation given or a lesson taught.

Personally, all of my lesson plans had a spot at the bottom entitled reflections where I would jot down my own thoughts after a lesson.  It was based on the premise that if I got the chance to teach this lesson again, I would do it better.  Better resources; better timing; better engagement; better …

As you wait for the pre-pre-pre-pre-game show before today’s Super Bowl, I would challenge all bloggers to spend a moment on their own blogs.  Do you have an “about me” or “mission statement” for your blog?  Take a moment to read it and then go back in time to your very first entry.  What did your mission look like with your first blog post?  What does your mission look like with your most recent post?  Pick something in the middle.  Were you true to your mission?

I probably should have said your first “real” post.  Most first posts are “I hope this works…”.

I would suspect that most blog ambitions are about changing the world one blog post at a time as you “muse” or “ramble” or “think” or “comment” about the issue de jour.

Is it time for some action or realignment?

  • Did you originally promise your readers that you would blog regularly?
  • Did you promise to reflect upon your experiences in the Grade 5 classroom and now you’re in Grade 1?
  • Did you promise to review the latest and greatest of software or pedagogy for your followers?
  • Did you get into blogging because it was a course requirement?

Are you keeping your promises?  If not, why not?

  • If you promised to blog regularly, are you? Or is your blog dead with a last post date months ago?
  • Is your present reality the same as the original or have things changed?
  • Is your original mandate now just a fond memory?
  • Is your course over and you’ve moved on?

Things do change and your priorities do shift.  Can you revisit the purpose of blogging in the first place and re-write your original mission to reflect your current reality?  Was your original purpose too restrictive or unrealistic?  Go ahead and fix it.

Have you abandoned the blog?  How about one final entry to that effect?  You’ll make many visitors happy knowing that they don’t need to waste time waiting for the next post.  Or, better yet, delete the blog and remove some dead wood.

If not, and I really hope this is the case, how about revisiting your “About Me” or “Mission” page and spending a few moments to tighten the language?  I know that when I visit a blog for the first time, the latest entry sets the stage for me.  If I’m going to add you to my RSS feed, I will read the “About Me” page to get a sense about who the author is and the goal of the blog.  That’s very important to me.  But, I would submit that it’s even more important to the author.  Take some time to be reflective.  Who are you?  What’s is your mission?  What do you stand for?

Is it time for a renaissance in your own personal blog?

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