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Despite all your protestations, you use Wikipedia, don’t you?  I think we all use it as a reference source – probably not as a sole source as no one resource is the best way to go.  But, if you need quick information about a topic, any topic, you can be reasonably assured that there’s something on Wikipedia to feed your information and a launch to other resources.

The folks at Cooliris, the developers of the ultra cool wall for viewing streams of graphics have developed another cool tool and it takes the iPad interface to a new level while using Wikipedia.  If you’re a fan of Pulse or Flipbook for reading news, you’ll really enjoy Discover for reading Wikipedia.

When you start the application, the learning starts immediately as you are dropped into a story of the day.

A quick swipe reveals a picture of the day.

Both are great ways to start the day and become just a bit smarter.  Of course, you’re accessing Wikipedia for the resources and so a swipe down opens a search dialogue.

Type your search term and away you go.  The developers have taken care to format the results to take advantage of the iPad layout.  I find that the results are easier to read than going online and reading the Wikipedia in wiki format.  This should serve as a model for all developers who wish to attract and keep audiences using their applications.

Navigation takes the best of what iPad has to offer.  Of course, there’s search but a tap on related articles can often let the researcher dig deeper into the current or related topics.  In case you’re easily distracted, the history feature always will let you get back on track.

If you’re a Wikipedia fan, you’ll appreciate the functionality that’s built into this app.  If you’re not a Wikipedia fan, download and take it for a spin anyway.  The power and reach of Wikipedia marries the iPad nicely.Tags: , ,

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