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Woices is one of the coolest concepts that I’ve seen in a while.  The concept is to create audioguides of places.  You’ve probably seen them as you walk around parks or towns.  It’s an audio way to explain to visitors just what it is that they’re looking at or perhaps some of the historical background of things.

For example, here’s an example from the site for a personalized walking tour along the Thames River.  At each stop, you can pause and listen to the sounds.  Or, take a local tour of Niagara Falls.

There are a lot of concepts that have to fall into place to make this happen.  First, you have to plan.  Then, it’s off.  You’ll need to record the sounds on your tour.  Amazingly, there’s an app for that!  Download the Android or iPhone application and you’re good to go.  It’s an audio recorder ready to go.

But, because of the power of the device, the rest falls into place.  Using the GPS capability and the built-in camera, take your picture and your device knows where you are!  Check out the short video.


Now, I’m thinking of ways where this would fall into place and, of course, My Childhood Community serves as an inspiration.  In fact, creating a Woice for this is now on my to-do list for this summer.  With the snow that we have here, and Clinton’s history with winter, it isn’t going to happen really soon!

But, the classroom applications for Woices just leap to mind.  It’s especially neat if you’ve got a class device.  I’ve always been big about students using Podcasts as a way to enhance learning experiences.  Imaging recording podcasts as they happen on field trips?  Or, we’ve always encouraged virtual tours of schools.  Woices seems to be built for that.

In the past, we’ve used the term Citizen Journalist to talk about the things that we create and post stories on blog.  Imagine becoming a Citizen Historian or a Citizen Public Relations Expert?  What a novel and powerful way to support research, planning, and digital storytelling!

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