#FollowFriday at #OTF21C

Last week, over 200 educators (and one US speaker) descended on the Hilton Hotel by Pearson International Airport to participate in the Ontario Teachers’ Federation sponsored “Teaching and Learning in the 21st Century”.  There have been some great posts from the following Ontario educators about the event that are worth reading to relive what happened if you were there.  If you couldn’t attend, you can relive it vicariously and keep your eyes peeled on your mailbox at school or the OTF/FEO website for the announcement of another event.

There are what I could find and have read.  If you know of another blog that made reference to things, please let me know and I’ll add it to the list.

Those that didn’t blog were liable to be micro-blogging.  Will Richardson introduced the concept using Today’s Meet and folks participated in the discussion there.  You can relive those introductory moments here.

Once the group was introduced to Twitter, the conversation continued over there with the hashtag #otf21c.  It’s great reading and you can definitely see the growth in confidence and abilities as the messages went from “I hope this works” to “I’m researching great resources for blogging in the classroom.”  The conversation was so intriguing that it would be nice to keep it forever.

Peter Skillen, one of the Minds on Media gurus has done this for us.  Using Keepstream, Peter has captured the entire conversation stream.  It can be reviewed here.  There are detractors that indicate that Twitter doesn’t go deeply enough.  The comment is probably correct if you focus on one single message.  It gets deeper when that message inspires a conversation.  It gets even deeper when the ensuing messages contain links to resources and other inspirations.  But, the real power comes when you amass the totality of conversations around a single topic/theme/activity or anything where there’s a meeting of the minds.  In the Keepstream, you’ll experience the wit and wisdom of the over 200 people, in a room for three days, focusing on developing skills to bring to their classrooms and professional learning.  Follow the conversation, leapfrog to the referenced resource, and there is so much to take away from this event.


The only thing that you’ll miss is the hotel food.

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