Don’t Do Stupid Things

Isn’t that great advice?  I received it from my parents, I’ve given it to my own children, and I was reminded about this on Thursday night. On Thursday night, as part of the Ontario Teachers’ Federation Teaching and Learning in the 21st Century Professional Development event, I was asked to chair a panel after supper.Continue reading “Don’t Do Stupid Things”

links for 2011-02-11

SugarSync SugarSync: Faster, Simpler, More Productive (tags: sugarsync files online web2.0 synchronization) Mubarak Stepping Down Amidst Groundbreaking Digital Revolution Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak has stepped down, more than two weeks after the protests that began January 25 in the country — and launched a flood of #Jan25 and #Egypt tweets as well as media coverageContinue reading “links for 2011-02-11”