What Will You Do Now?

Last week was Computer Science Education Week. Many people were involved with the Hour of Code. If you read the blogs and stories that permeated the media, you'll know kids had a whale of a time; teachers hopefully made the connections between coding and their regular curriculum; For me, I enjoyed the Angry Birds activity [...]

Day 1 at #CSTA13

The location is the Marriott Hotel and Conference Centre in Quincy, Massachusetts and there are close to 300 Computer Science educators from around the world gathered for two days of unique and intense learning opportunities devoted exclusively to the discipline.  If you're a Computer Science teacher, this is absolutely the place to be. Check out [...]

What’s in a Tweet?

If you have been following the news, I'm sure that you've been at least mildly interested in the story coming from the Bronx Zoo about a missing cobra.  WPIX has the story on their website.  Someone with a great sense of humour has created a Twitter account for the snake.  You can "follow" the snake [...]

Writing and Sharing Code

A while back, I had made reference somehow/somewhere to this infographic. Thanks, mint.com. It's an infographic that claims to show how a credit card number can be validated.  I don't know if the algorithm explained is true in all cases but it was interesting. It's kind of interesting when you have people reference your resources.  [...]

Staying Safe

It's not always safe when you're online.  For the most part, if you have any up to date virus checker and a good firewall in place, you'll be protected from people trying to get into your computer.  There actually is a safer way but that means being disconnected from the internet altogether and that's just [...]