OTR Links 05/30/2012

PBWorks Video Tutorials PB Works – free video tutorials. Visit TeachertrainingVideos.com for more free online courses and online IT courses. tags: wiki tutorials pbworks howto tutorial education web2.0 wikis Mobile Learning Portal This website, hosted by the Learning Technology Center in the College of Education at The University of Texas at Austin, is designed toContinue reading “OTR Links 05/30/2012”

Playing with Cargo-Bot

Over the weekend, I read about Cargo-Bot.  It really caught my interest for two reasons. it was created on an iPad using Codea; it’s a game that includes Computer Science concepts. I have downloaded the Codea and played with it previously.  “Hello World” and a quick calculator was truly the extent of my use.  IContinue reading “Playing with Cargo-Bot”