The Latest in Cool Recipes

Those that know me, know that I like to automate as much as possible to my benefit.  Call me lazy; I prefer to think that it’s innovative.  When I use an application, I like what it can do for me but the next thing I ask is “What else can you do for me?” One … Continue reading The Latest in Cool Recipes


OTR Links 05/31/2012

7 Web 2.0 Animation Tools | Mark Brumley Animation projects are a great way to integrate technology, encourage project-based learning and have a lot of fun. This month let’s take a quick tour of seven Web 2.0 animation sites for students young and old. tags: web animation tools mark Taking Diigo Beyond the Bookmark The … Continue reading OTR Links 05/31/2012


The Ontario Curriculum has Flight covered as a formal Science and Technology topic in Grade 6.  There's one interesting expectation that I'd like to reference: 2.4 use technological problem-solving skills (see page 16) to design, build, and test a flying device (e.g., a kite, a paper airplane, a hot air balloon) Sample guiding questions: How … Continue reading Flight