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Those that know me, know that I like to automate as much as possible to my benefit.  Call me lazy; I prefer to think that it’s innovative. 

When I use an application, I like what it can do for me but the next thing I ask is “What else can you do for me?”


One of the very best tools for helping this out is  Basically, it’s a resource that will let you automate so many social services.  Some of the great things that I’ve got it doing for me already are

  • if someone tags me on Facebook, put a copy of that image in my Evernote account;
  • if someone favours one of my Twitter messages, send a copy of it to Evernote so that I can review it later;
  • if there’s a weather alert (snow, storms, etc.) send me an overnight email so I can read it first thing in the morning;
  • and about a dozen other things.

Now, some of the ideas that I use, I generate myself.

Others?  IFTTT has a public recipe sharing area where people who have great ideas share them to you.  Recently, I took a look through the online repository and added a few more.

  • send me iTunes #FreeAppoftheWeek to my email account;
  • send me a text message if I get an email from my wife (that way, I’m never out of reach completely);
  • send me a text message if something I’m searching for shows up on Craigslist.

If you can imagine, it would take considerable time to be constantly checking for the above and most of the time, there would be nothing.  Now, I’ve automated the process…I’m only notified if something actually happens.

While I’m really happy with what I’ve got so far, what I’d really like to do is automate a posting to Pinterest.  There’s lots going the other way – from Pinterest – but I’d like to automatically send to Pinterest.  Perhaps some day.

And the best one of the bunch…

  • if Facebook’s share drops to less that $10, send me an email!

I hope that it doesn’t come to this!

If you’re an IFTTT, what’s your favourite recipe?



  1. Great post, Doug. I use ifttt to scan for mentions on Twitter and send it to Evernote, but the recipe I like the most is the one that scans Twitter for daily deals on Kindle ebooks and emails me the tweet:


  2. I’ve got one recipe that creates a new Blogger blog post of a YouTube video if I favorite it. I use a special blog that I share with students.

    I also use a Phone call to ifttt to new tweet to share weekly messages/updates to students and parents. I autotag those tweets and automatically share those tweets as Blogger posts also.

    I just added appending an Evernote text document with new Twitter favorites.

    All my Instagram photos go to a Dropbox folder for backup and become Google calendar events. I don’t know if that’s really helpful; I just want to be able to find out when I took those photos. New Twitter followers are also events on Google calendar for the same purpose.

    I love ifttt and ManageFlitter both. I’m not sure that I could choose a favorite recipe until Google+ shows up in ifttt.

    Thanks for sharing such wonderful stuff. I no longer need to check Zite as your tweets are the first thing I see every morning. I usually check Twitter around 5:45 am Central, and I’m sure you catch all the good stuff!


  3. Thanks for sharing your use of IFTTT, gentlemen. Peter, I commented on your note on Google Plus. Jake, Google Plus and Pinterest would both interest me. I wrote the developers at IFTTT and they got back to me indicating that the APIs weren’t open enough for them to do some posting.


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