Windows 8 and Playing DVDs

It looks like this is another case of Microsoft not being able to win.

When Apple released the Macintosh Air without a media drive, you couldn’t play DVDs on it.  Some were agast but the Macintosh fans pointed out that something lighter was desirable and who needs to play DVDs on a computer anyway.  Wild speculation on the next version of the MacBook Pro has it also shipping without a media drive.

But, this week, Microsoft announces that Media Centre will not come with the ability to playback DVDs, and the world is coming to an end!  I’m reading all kinds of content just agast that this will happen.

Of course, if you read further, you’ll see that it will be available as an option so you won’t be completely left high and dry.

If you’re not ready to shell out a few bucks for the upgrade, there are other options.  VLC (which should be standard on anyone’s computer anyway) looks like a player in this realm.

But, looking deeper, the bigger question for me is – do I really need to play DVDs on my computer?  In fact, I can’t remember the last time that I did.  My concept of computer as entertainment centre is to have iTunes or Media Centre playing in the background while I’m doing something productive in the foreground.

In fact, I wonder if it really is necessary for most people.  The content is increasingly readily available through online streaming services.  That may be a better option anyway.  After all, it doesn’t scratch or get lost or borrowed by the kids.

What about you?  Will the absence of the ability to play DVDs on some versions of Windows 8 affect you?  How will you deal with it?  Is this another example of going with the developer?


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