Sharing What You’re Learning

There are a number of different types of blogs available for reading.  You might recognize some of these.

  • The Venom Blog – Nothing is ever positive; the author builds up anger towards a particular topic and finally explodes;
  • The Fluff Blog – Nothing new is really posted.  You read “collaborate”, “21st Century”, “leverage”, “facilitate” over and over without really drawing any conclusion;
  • The Me Blog – Everything is focussed on “me”.  Buy my book, click my links, look what I did, aren’t I good?

And, I sure hope that this blog doesn’t fit into any of the above.  If it ever does, let me know.

Surprisingly, some of these are very popular.  For me, I typically take a pass on them.  What excites me is reading a blog when the blogger goes out on a limb, takes a chance showing their vulnerabilities, or just talks about something great that worked for them.  It may well work for me.  This is the type of post that really garners my attention.  Just what are you learning?  If it makes sense, I’ll give it a shot and I’ll pass it along to my students.

A recent addition to the Ontario Edublogger’s list is a good example.  It’s called “Mrs. Plumb’s Blog” and she shares her teaching and learning as it happens.  It’s always a pleasure and a surprise to read her content.  Try it!

Another blog that’s always a treasure to read is Aviva Dunsiger’s.  She’s a real life person doing some real life teaching and sharing.  I had an exchange with her just a minute ago.  She was sharing, albeit cryptically, a success story from today and hinted that she was going to blog about it.  In fact, she may be doing so as I type this.  One of her replies speaks volumes.

She’s absolutely correct about this.  I can’t wait to read her “good news” story on her blog.

And now, I’d like to step back from this and just wonder … why don’t more people just blog what they’re learning?  Not everyone is going to write the next great breakthrough research paper.  Goodness knows this very blog is a good example of that.  

If you’re in education, why don’t you take the time to put your thoughts and actions to words?  You learned something today, didn’t you?  Share it via a blog or a wiki.  Just contribute a bit and help the cause.  You just might end up with new followers or a new mentor.


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