Hug Your ISP

Because it could be a lot worse.  You could be me.

I know that I talked about Venom blogs a couple of days ago and this may well be the closest you’re going to see to that here. 

But I’m just so frustrated.

Even a call to “tech support” got me nowhere.  It was the typical, “turn it off and then on again” support.  Gee, I wish I’d thought of that.  But, for the 3MB service I’m paying for, last evening got me 0.01MB download speeds and a little bit better upload.  That’s not enough bandwidth to do anything.  That’s why you’ll never see me online in the evenings, playing online games, or even participating in online conferences.  There’s just not enough service here to do anything worthwhile.  Even my concept of watching a YouTube video is probably different than yours.  I’ll start it to play and then do something else as it downloads and retrains itself over and over and over.  Considerably later, if I remember, I’ll watch the video by asking my computer to replay it.

I am glad, in a sick sort of way, that not everyone has to experience this service.  I was in Toronto yesterday for a job interview and took the opportunity to take a walk through my old stomping grounds.  Starting deep in the heart of Chinatown, one of my favourite places, I walked up to Bloor and Spadina and reminisced about places from years gone by.  There’s the Robarts Library, New College, the Faculty of Education Building, UTS (had to take a look at that), the El Macambo, the Waverly, ah, it was a nice walk along memory lane.

But, things have changed.  When I went to school there, I don’t recall so many choices for coffee!  I was there in the “take it or leave it” days.  Now there are cafes and expensive looking coffee places everywhere. 

Something else is changed too.  I took my iPad and did a couple of browses for networks while walking Spadina.


Photo 2012-05-14 2 14 34 PM


Photo 2012-05-14 2 35 41 PM


Photo 2012-05-14 2 40 12 PM


Man, there’s internet access everywhere.  You’ve got to love the names of access points. 

I couldn’t help but have bandwidth envy.  I’ll bet they can watch YouTube videos the first time they play them.  I did test that theory at the McDonald’s. 


So, this is how the other half lives.

Now, I’m back home stuck trying to upload this blog post.



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