Google Data Centre Security

I was intrigued by a Twitter message this morning that said something like “Next time your IT Department says that Google Data isn’t secure…”, show them this video.

Wow!  How well is YOUR data protected?  I like the part about how old hard drives are destroyed to protect your data.  I’ve just used a hammer and a nail in the past.  Got to up my game, I guess.


This Week in Ontario Edublogs

It’s another great week for the Ontario Edubloggers.  I hope that you take the time to read what’s going on.  It’s always a nice collection of resources, thoughts, and vision.

From K-12 Teachers
Tim King shared with us his thoughts about "Reclaiming Educational Computing for Learning".  He’s put forth a couple of ideas for presentations and shares them with us.

I met Tim within the past couple of years and continue to follow him online.  He doesn’t pull any punches and he’s talking "program agnostic" and "open source" in his approach.  Could be interesting if his offerings are chosen by the committee.

Maybe Tim should be debating on a panel with someone in favour of "centralized control" and let the fireworks fly.

From Consultants and SATs
Jaclyn Calder took a reflective look at teacher learning.

She’s come to the conclusion that teachers need the same type of release that we use all the time with students.  As she notes in the post, that’s one of the things that the Minds on Media approach allows.  It’s not sit ‘n git.  It’s learning what you need, at what level you need.

That’s a tough job if you’re the one facilitator at a school district.  But, she’s acknowledged it and is moving on it.  The worst possible thing is to do nothing to refine your skills or reach out to help those in your charge.  I like that she’s reflective and acting on it.

From Trustees and Higher Education
I had the opportunity to work with two different Language Consultants and often I’d take a look at their bookshelves and their collections.  There are some fascinating books that are purchased for use in schools.

But, I don’t recall ever having seen this book.

Since I live in Essex County, I know that it would have immediately caught my eye.  Joan Vinall-Cox got a copy of it for Mother’s Day and shares her thoughts about the book.  I’m inspired to head into Chapters and take a look for myself.  This would be a first; I’ve been inspired by nerdy technical content because of blogs before but never fiction.  Thanks, Joan!

From Principals, VPs, and Administrators
Mark Carbone recently gave a presentation to a group at the OASBO Conference.  Dealing with iPad applications, the topic is really timely as districts reload over the summer.  I’m glad to hear that OASBO is opening their range of consideration.

It may not be the iPad that wins the battle for everyone’s tablet dollar (although you’ve got to believe that it’s way out there) but Mark shares the list of application titles that were part of his presentation.  They presented a nice rounded collection of titles.  The titles are definitely more slanted to the administrative end but they did get Comic Life in there…  Many of the titles I used last summer at the CATC Conference so it was nice to see that we’re on the same page with a number of them.

I hope that the audience appreciated the collection and sees the potential for use in education.

From Parents / School Advocates
Sheila Stewart was all over an article that I carefully read myself a couple of times when it first crossed my screen.  It was written by Michael Fullen and titled "What America Can Learn From Ontario’s Education Success". 

Sheila did some research on parts of Fullen’s article and dug into references from the Ontario Ministry of Education as posted on their website.

As she typically does, Sheila asks some very good questions in closing.  This time, with respect to confidence in public education, she asks whose confidence?  Parents, students, general public?  I hope that I get a chance to sit down and talk with Sheila someday.  I’d love to debate this with her.  The answer, in my mind, is "all of the above" but not in the same way.  I’d love to hear her personal thoughts as a school advocate.

Great stuff, Ontario Edubloggers.  Keep it coming!

As always, if you’re one of them and your blog isn’t listed, fill out the form and it will be.

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