A Web 2.0 Mother’s Day

This year, Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 13.  Speaking from experience, it is expensive on the father but it’s always nice if the kiddos chip in a bit.  Sure, let’s stick Dad with the bill for Sunday brunch but there’s always something extra special when a present is hand made.  Traditionally, this means construction paper, scissor, glue, and … but why not move up to something electronic.

Everyone’s favourite word cloud.  How about creating something with words to describe your mom?  It’s not hard; she’s so special the words and attributes should just leap off your fingertips.  Don’t forget to throw in about a dozen LOVEs to put the finishing touches to it. I’m sure that a custom palette is in order here!

Ready to up your game, then give Tagul a shot.  It’s got all the love of Wordle and, for our purposes, adds the ability to add shades and even more fonts to your creation.  Text from “Ode to My Mother“.

Even if you’re doing a traditional Mother’s Day card, the Wordle or Tagul, when printed, makes a nice, personalized card inside.  Just don’t tell Hallmark.

Have you been waiting for the perfect opportunity to create and publish a podcast?  This is the time.  Have each student carefully craft a message to Mom and post it to your class wiki.

Create an Animoto
The folks at Animoto were one step ahead of me.  Right up front on their website is the recommendation to create a movie for Mother’s Day.  Animoto provides some very nice themes to do the taks.  They recommend the Retro Wheel – but there are other great looking themes just waiting to be used – “Through the blossoms”, “Coming up Roses”, and “Land of the Rising Hearts” look ready for the job.

Web2.0 applications add just that extra special something to a traditional classroom activity.  Very easily, you can customize and personalize the message.


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