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A Spectacular LiveBinder of Special Education Resources

Continuing on a LiveBinder theme, here’s another resource definitely worth sharing.  You’ll also find it in my Diigo account.

Special Education / ASD is curated by Mrs. McCallum.  

Click on a tab and find the resources for Emotion Resources, Autism Games, Behaviour Resources, Teaching Resources for Special Education and Visual Strategies.  

Within each tab, you’ll find the tools that she has identified that fall into that category.  There are some really interesting resources that I think would find their way into the toolkit for Special Education classes.

Again, bookmark this one; it’s a keeper!

In case you missed it, yesterday I featured A Spectacular LiveBinder of Web 2.0 Resources.  Both of these resources provide resources that you’ll want to revisit when you need them.


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A Spectacular LiveBinder of Web2.0 Resources

I stumbled on the following resource this afternoon and it’s definitely worth sharing.  You’d find it in my Diigo account if you looked there but I’d like to promote it a little more via a blog entry.

Web Tools for Teachers by Type is curated by Tim Wilhelmus.

Click on a tab and find the resources for Photo Editing, Blogging, Research Tools, Curation Tools, Drawing Tools, and more.

Within each tab, you’ll find the tools that he has identified that fall into that category.  So, for Curation, he has LiveBinders, Symbaloo, Museum Box, …

All in all, this is a very nice job gathering and categorizing resources in one spot.

Now, the ultimate goal isn’t to create accounts everywhere and learn all the ins and outs of each resource (although that would be nice if you can find the time…), but it’s nice when someone has done the legwork to give you a starting spot if you’re looking for a particular resource.

Bookmark this one; it’s a keeper.

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Having a Voice in Education

One of the nicest young men that I’ve met in a while was on the panel that I queried at the OTF Teaching and Learning in the 21st Century Conference.  @Jaxson was the Operations Officer of the Ontario Student Trustees’ Association and spoke very eloquently about education and specifically about technology in school, technology in his personal life (he had his “baby”, a MacBook with him), and technology in the lives of his friends and fellow students.  If anyone is looking for a reason why technology counts and why it’s so important to have your devices with you for learning, you just need to talk to him.

Before the panel, the two of us had a wonderful discussion about OSTA-AECO and I walked away understanding the passion for education that the group had.  I supposed it’s selfish for themselves on one level but they’re genuinely concerned about education in Ontario for all students.

One of the methods that they use to gauge current issues is through surveying the province.  The 2012 survey is now active and they’re encouraging participation by students, parents, and educators here.  Partnering with Student Vote, People for Education, the Ontario Teachers’ Federation,, the Ontario Principals’ Council, the Ontario Public SChool Boards’ Association and the Ontario Catholic School Trustees Association, the survey asks the same questions to each of the three groups.  It’s a very interesting collection of topics being surveyed this year.

I’ll be interested to see the results.

It wouldn’t be fair to post a survey and then not share the results.  Also included on the survey page are the results from the 2011 survey.  The statistics are presented in a way that easily allows you to compare the attitudes of students and parents from the survey.  (There wasn’t a separate Teachers category last year)  The survey asked questions about Gay-Straight Alliances, Social Media, Student Fees, and more.

So often, you don’t have a chance to offer your opinions other than around a table at Tim Horton’s having a coffee.  This survey is a real opportunity for students, teachers, and parents to have input on current topics.  This year’s survey includes school safety, same sex schools, technology and more.  I would encourage everyone who is eligible and wants to have their say to take a few minutes and help the cause by completing the survey.

Let’s hope that the decision makers are listening.

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