Divide and Conquer

Last Friday, I talked about bumping my head on a physical limit when the number of people in the Ontario Educators’ List hit 500.  My solution was to create a second list and continue to allow it to grow.  There were other ways to handle the situation but I thought that this would allow for the expansion as Ontario Educators get connected.  To follow both lists, it’s just a matter of opening a second column in my Seesmic Desktop and away I went.  If you’re not using Seesmic Desktop or Seesmic Web, chances are it’s pretty easy to do there as well.  I know that Hootsuite and Tweetdeck handle it much the same way.

So, to follow both lists, just have the following two set as columns.

That will let you follow them all.  BTW, if you know someone who isn’t on the list and should be, let’s get them added.

At the time of my posting, I also noted that the LiveBinder of Ontario Edubloggers had one tab in particular (K-12 Educators) that was particularly filled with Ontario Educational Blogs.  I mused at the time that this might get out of hand.  Of course, at the time of my musing, I was on my Vaio with a resolution of 1600×900 and so it wasn’t too noticeable a problem.

I upgraded my netbook to Precise Pangolin (Ubuntu 12.04) and was just testing it out and decided to take a look at the LiveBinder site.


Most definitely, there was a problem!  When the screen at a resoluton of 1024×576 displayed the contents of that tab, it darn near filled the screen.  I know that many educational computers are set to a resolution of 1024×768 by IT Departments for application compatibility reasons so I was almost looking at what it would look like there.  Not a pretty picture.

So, it was off to the LiveBinder site and I started poking around the instructions and help.  Surely, I wasn’t the only person to have painted myself into a corner.  Well, apparently I am.  Or, at least I’m the only one who thrives enough on failure to admit it.  I fired off a plea for help to support and figured that I have to wait for a while for an answer, if one even came.

I was very pleased when Barbara got back to me in a couple of hours.  That’s great support.  I was excited; obviously she was going to tell me what a dummy I was and all that I needed to do was click here and the tab would automatically divide itself and life would go on.

That wasn’t to happen although Barbara suggested that it would be easy to do.  Just rename the tab to K-12 A-M and create a new tab K-12 N-Z – open the blog to be moved in the existing tab and then move to the new tab and create the link there.  Repeat until done.

I got back and thanked her for the quick resolution.  It wasn’t what I was hoping for but by dividing and conquering the existing list, I’d only have to move roughly half of them.

Then, I was quite surprised by Barbara’s response to that.  She offered to do it for me.  Now, that’s support.  Great support.  Try getting that from any other service.  But, it wasn’t her fault for my short sightedness and I had already got fired up with coffee and was working my way through the process.  I declined her offer and finished the task.  If you head over to the Ontario Edublogger’s page, you’ll see a lot less clutter now.

So, there’s a LOT of room now to add more bloggers.  If you know of one, send them to the Ontario Edubloggers page so that they can add their details.  We’re all the better for their blogging efforts.


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