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  • This Week in Ontario Edublogs

    I hope that this blog post finds everyone nice and dry.  It’s been a very rainy couple of days around here.  It’s time to check in and read some great blog post from Ontario Edubloggers. #edCampLdn Reflections Last Saturday was EdCampLdn.  It was a great day of learning.  By the time the sun had set,… Continue reading

  • The case for your own computer

    You know that someone’s having a bad computer day when you see them rubbing their trackpad in desperation. That was the case for me for one of the sessions that I proctored at the CSTA Conference.  To her defense, this presenter did ask me if she could connect her computer to the data projector over… Continue reading

  • Are we witnessing the end?

    I can recall how impressed I was with mobile technology on Star Trek.  In particular, there was that tablet thing that would be passed around for stylus input.  Many things that we see and take for granted these days came from that wonderful show.  Even today, I still enjoy watching the reruns. And, it’s one… Continue reading

  • Here’s the course I failed

    A couple of years ago when the concept of Sketchnoting was new, I was bound and determined to learn how to do them. I started small; scribbling things on my iPad.  The results varied between childish and embarrassing with a severe tilt towards embarrassing. I’m not sure what I would do with sketchnoting but I… Continue reading

  • I’m not on the playground

    Yesterday morning, I had just finished playing my online games with my friends and had noticed that there were some updates for apps on the iPad.  For those of you on this platform, you know that it’s quite common to get a rush of updates whenever Apple does something with its operating system.  In this… Continue reading