What About Me?

Everybody likes a good infographic.  If you don’t have time to sit down and analyze all sorts of data and then fire up your graphics editor and get to work, then you may be looking for online tools to do the job for you.  Intel’s “What About Me?” is such an application.

Click the link and you’re dropped right into their builder.  What this generator does is try to put together an infographic that describes your online habits, activities, and interactions.  I thought I’d give it a shot.

In order to get this information, it needs access to your Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube accounts or any combination of the above.  For me, it was Twitter and Facebook – I don’t do anything significant with YouTube.  So, give access to your accounts and sit back and the application will build an infographic on what it finds.  Here’s what it did for me.

It was kind of interesting showing some of the things that I do online.  Before including it in this post, you’ve got to believe that I went over things very carefully.  The application will offer to publish it for you – I declined – I prefer to control these things myself.  It was a nice little reminder of some of the things that I’ve done.

Use in education?

It certainly is a nice use of data to tell a story but I’m thinking that you could extend the use even further.  If your class has a Twitter or Facebook account, it would be a nice way to recount some of the things that were communicated from your classroom to the folks “out there”.  If you’re creating and sharing videos like you would in a Communication Technology class, the content from YouTube would make some pretty interesting revisits to your account.

If you’re OK with the concept, go for it and see what turns up.  You may be surprised.  But….just remember that you’ve given the service access to your accounts.  As with all cases where you enable access, go back in to Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube and deny the access when you’re done.  In fact, you might want to take a quick scan and see what other applications have access to your account and deny the ones you no longer need.

If you’ve saved your infographic, it makes for a nice image to include in your class wiki or blog.  And, it’s also a great discussion starter.


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