Another Tool for your Anti-Bullying Teaching Arsenal

It’s a big, huge issue right now in the lives of young citizens.  Bullying makes the news all over the place and is such a scary reality for many.

Schools are attempting to address the situation with education, guest speakers, student groups, family involvement, etc.  How about a mobile solution?

To the rescue comes the Professorial version of everyone’s favourite cat, Garfield.

You can experience the activities online at the LearningLab site or, yes, there’s an app for that!

Download the iPad version from the app store for free.  I downloaded and played around with the application today.

Photo 2012-04-23 6 27 09 PM

The presentation is very engaging.  It takes the form of a comic strip of Garfield and his friends and some not so friendly players.  The story revolves around “Animal Idol” and the excitement of Garfield’s chances of winning…until he runs into the bad guys.  They bully; they impersonate and generally do some really rotten things!  You get to experience it all through the power of the comic.

Photo 2012-04-23 6 26 30 PM

After a while, you’re prompted for some learning activities to see if you’ve understood what the message of the story is.  Then, it’s back for more of the story until another set of activities come along.

When it’s over, you’ve had a very nice approach to bullying – identifying just what bullying is, how it can take place, and what you can do about it should it happen to you.

I think that this application would fit nicely into any school’s or home plan to deal with this serious topic with students.  And, the price is certainly right at free with no advertising.

I must also compliment the designers.  More educational application developers could learn from this design.  Checking out the “About” page shows you the link to their home page and the sponsors.  But, these are not active links.  This is a very friendly classroom approach.  Students don’t end up accidentally leaving their lesson due to an errant tap.

If you’re dealing with this topic with your students and you’re fortunate enough to have an iPad in the class, check it out.  And, if you’re not at that point with your classroom technology, experience the web version instead.

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