Today was edcampWR.  As promised, it was a terrific day for learning and to meet new people.  In the new people department, I had the opportunity to meet face to face with the likes of @erinpaynter, @Stephen_Hurley, @max_cooke, @DavidSpencer, @Michelle_Horst.  Add that to the multitude of people that I already knew and it was a great day for conversations.

At lunch, @Gill_Ville, at my request, did a quick poll of the group and I swear that everyone put up their hand in response to the question “How many of you have a Twitter account?”  Let’s hope that those in attendance work at continuing the conversations.  The day was just ripe to create an immediate PLN.

For me, I walked away so inspired.  I attended a number of sessions.

Gaming in the Classroom

We had a good discussion that results in this list of applications that people identified as using in their classrooms.

  • Halo
  • Minecraft
  • Pioneer Land
  • First person shooter games
  • Scratch / Alice
  • Smurf Village
  • Find the Animals / Talking / Pocket Pond
  • Crisis
  • Call of Duty
  • Words / Scramble / Hanging with Friends
  • Draw Something
  • Angry Birds
  • Must
  • Webkins
  • Lego Mindstorms
  • Civilisations

It was interesting to hear how people described how they were using the games and what they saw in each.  I couldn’t help but think of the oldie classic – http://www.hammurabigame.com/hammurabi-game.php

Challenges in the Classroom

  • What to do when you don’t have enough school technology – BYOD
  • What do you do when not all students have their device

The Gill_Villeans

When there are students involved, they steal the show and today was no different.  The Gill_Villeans had spent yesterday practicing for today and now it was time for them to go live and show their stuff.  Some of the were a little shy but it was worth the time to go around to each of the stations and see what they were demonstrating.  They did a terrific job and I hope that they left satisfied with the loud round of appreciation given to them at lunch.

Solving the Problems of the Province

After lunch, it was time for a little impromptu meeting.  We had some interesting planning about how to raise the importance and visibility of technology in the Ontario educational system.  I’m hoping to see some things fall out of this.

As I was sitting in the gymnasium, I noticed that there were a couple of empty slots ont he bulleting board and I decided to take a chance and get a session on a topic that I’ve always wondered about.  With @aforgrave and @Stephen_Hurley in the crowd, it made sense to ask if they’d talk about their ds106 experiences.  I grabbed Andy who immediately started working on a presentation!  Despite ds106 being blocked by the board firewall, he figured that he could still do the job by tethering his telephone.  This lead to the final session…


  • Digital storytelling 106 course University of Mary Washington
  • Streaming radio station to stream audio from course
  • Auto DJ plays uploaded files but you can interrupt at any time to broadcast your own show
  • Fstream application to listen to the station in your portable
  • To broadcast from your phone use Papaya
  • People go online and create to broadcast their content
  • Linphone allows multiple people to have an online conference call via 1-800 number
  • There is a Protocol over who gets access to the service
  • Discussion surrounding copyright issues and creative commons

That really was the icing on the cake.  And, speaking of icing, there was cake!

And, a bonus picture – who’s the guy behind the classic iPad photo?

If you don’t know, you’ve got to be new to Ontario ITC Education.

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