Having it All?

When you start your browser, it has to load something first. So, what do you open with?  Many open with the Bing search engine.  Or, the Google search enging.  Or, your personal home page.  Or, your Diigo/Delicious page?  Or, nothing. I've tried a number of things and shared them here in the blog. One of … Continue reading Having it All?


OTR Links 04/14/2012

Fetchnotes Launches A Simple, Cloud-Based Note-Taking Service (That Twitter Users Will Love) | TechCrunch Fetchnotes is a promising, lightweight note-taking app for list makers and idea-havers which looks deceptively simple. But that simplicity is actually one of Fetchnotes’ key selling points. tags: fetchnotes cloud service notes What’s a connected educator? « What Ed Said I know it’s … Continue reading OTR Links 04/14/2012