Bumping Your Head

As a notorious non-reader of manuals of any sort until absolutely necessary, I seem to constantly learn by banging my head on limits!  It happened again this week.

Want to know how many people are on the Ontario-Educators Twitter list?  There are exactly 501!

How do I know this?  I discovered another new user the other day and tried to add @karenteach to the list.  I couldn’t!  I got an error adding to the list from Twitter.  What the heck?  I did what any other irrational person would do.  I clicked again.  Same error.  I clicked again — this time harder.  Same error.

Puzzled, I did some poking around and found that Twitter does indeed list members of a list to 500.  The logic makes sense, I suppose.  If you’re going to follow a group of people, it makes sense to keep it manageable.  I do follow that list – not reading every message, of course, but it does give me insights to the things that are inspiring conversation in Ontario.  It’s also so helpful when I introduce new Ontario educators to Twitter.

There are “best people to follow on Twitter lists” and certainly people are advised to look at them.  Sadly, though, they don’t always take the time to engage in conversation.  But, Ontario Educators generally will.  And, you want to make people’s first experiences positive.  Hence the list.

So, what to do?  I suppose that I could go through and delete some accounts but that does go against the notion of inclusion.  Instead, I created a second list.  It’s called Ontario Educators List 2.  At the time of this writing, it has exactly one person on it!  I’m sure that will grow.  Adding to the list revealed some good news.  This new person is also a blogger so I added her to the LiveBinder of Ontario Bloggers and the Scoopit! list.

That made me also do some additional thinking.  I’m not concerned about the Scoopit! list – it’s LIFO and just a big list so that shouldn’t be a problem as we add more great Ontario blogs.  It’s the LiveBinder that has me thinking.  The K-12 educators tab is so full, it now occupies half the screen of links to the blogs.  In terms of functionality, I’m thinking that I should split that one tab into two.  Other than brute force, I can’t think of a way of doing it.  Perhaps it’s time to do some reading of the manual at the LiveBinder site.

Regardless, these are all nice problems to have to solve.  It’s great to see more and more Ontario educators getting into the conversation and contributing back in daily discussions and via their blogs.


OTR Links 04/27/2012

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