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There were some really interesting blog posts from Ontario Educators this past week.  Check out a sample of them below.  Read any of them at the Ontario Edublogger Livebinder site.


From Parents and School Advocates

Reflections on EQAO

I wonder if anyone ever blogs positive things about EQAO testing.  Like “Wow, my kids really got down and were motivated by the exercise.  This is one of the best things that we’ve done…”  Hmmmm?  In this post, @sheilaspeaking finds some blogs from Ontario teachers sharing their thoughts about testing.


From Consultants and SATs

If it wasn’t so sad, this post would be funny.  It reminds me of that image that was making the rounds a while back of a group painting SOTP on a roadway.  Fortunately, @brendasherry was able to take a picture of the data projector in front of the television set.  It occurred while she was doing other trouble shooting.

Seriously Folks, Can’t We Just Get On With It?

It’s easy to blame one person but think of the process:

  • someone wants a data projector;
  • a committee is struck to determine what to buy;
  • vendor supplies the product;
  • allocation to the room by the principal;
  • contract someone to install it – work order generated;
  • installer come to install – looks for a beam to hang the projector from;
  • projector is tested but not connected to anything;
  • work order signed off;
  • supervisor signs off on the job.

This kind of reminds me of the horse designed by a committee!

Brenda steps in.

Brenda’s not alone in her thoughts.  Here’s an interesting post about Decision Makers in Technology by John Larkin.


From K-12 Teachers

Remember the good old days when the teacher knew everything and you just had to listen, write it down, and recite enough to get a passing grade?  We grew up in that type of system and succeeded.  Will the next generation?  Do we want the next generation to do so?  Is survival all that there is to education?

If You Do As You’re Told, You’ll Survive 


From Trustees and Higher Education

I liked this video that @alanacallan shared on her blog.  It got me thinking about the whole concept of group work in the Online Learning realm.  Do we actually teach how to work in a group online?  Do we assume that it’s just like a regular classroom only electronic?  What do you do when you have a way distant editor delete your work for no apparent reason?  Should there be a way to really talk about what group work online looks like?

Insights on Group Work and Online Learning


From Principals, VPs, and Adminstration

This would have been an interesting presentation to view and participate in afterwards.  @markwcarbone, a CIO, paired with a couple of educators to talk to IMPAC about the dealing with the cloud.  For some, it’s a difficult concept.  After all, for years the IT Departments have been the keeper of everything and the makers of the classroom learning experience.  It’s becoming a more difficult job all the time.  When software hardcodes a requirement for a particular version of Quicktime or other plugins for example, it can be a challenge to make sure that everything continues to work as promised.  Or, you spend years developing a suite of utilities in something like Filemaker Pro and a new OS comes along and now everything is broken.

Working in the cloud shouldn’t be seen as the enemy.  Instead of running around plugging this and that, IT Departments could be the real heroes by making sure that modern browsers and sufficient bandwidth are there to run the apps from the cloud.  Let the developer make sure that it’s installed and running perfectly and just become great users of the utlities.  The discussion and all of its implications is important to be having.

The Cloud meets K12 Learning

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