Google A-Z

So, there’s this Google thing, right?  It’s a search engine.  You type in stuff and it finds it.

Oh, wait.  It’s also got email attached to it.  Gmail.

Oh, and you can do documents online.  Google Docs

And, websites.  Google Sites.

Actually, there’s a lot more.  A LOT more.  @pbeens is on a mission to find it all.  Appropriately, he’s collecting them in a Google Document and publishing them to the web at a Google Site.

You’ll notice at the top of the document that he’s not going at it alone.  He wants to know what’s missing.

Now, for some, that’s like a challenge!  What can we find that he hasn’t got?  It just so happened that @pmcash and myself are keeping our ears to the ground and forwarding new things that we find.  In fact, we found a couple this morning!

So, the list continues to grow and along with the list, Peter is putting a link to the actual resource.  His latest finds are marked NEW 

Consequently, you’ll never miss a new addition.  Want to be “Google-Smart” or “Google-Aware”?  You’ve got to follow this list as it continues to grow.

OTR Links 04/18/2012

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