CSIT Symposium 2012

Affordable Professional Development to Meet Your Needs Looking for more information on Bootstrap? Kodu? HTML5? Perhaps you always wanted to learn about the Beauty and Joy of Computing? Google scripts piqued your interest?Well you don't have to look far. This year the Computer Science and Information Technology Conference (CS & IT) has all these things and a whole lot … Continue reading CSIT Symposium 2012


Canadian Voices

What do these folks have in common? You may recognize some of the names.  Some of them appear regularly on the list of Ontario Edubloggers.  Others may be new to you. Their voices have joined together with colleagues across Canada to share thoughts about education in Canada. They are part of a growing community called … Continue reading Canadian Voices

OTR Links 04/20/2012

Real-world math problems are everywhere | Sine of the Times We hear this everywhere – students should be doing “real-world” math and they should be applying what they learn in math to “real-world situations.” Textbooks and math resources advertise their “real-world problem solving” experiences and “real-life math applications.” tags: math problems the times times Comparison … Continue reading OTR Links 04/20/2012