Often, people rely on the words of others to find new resources.  Or, you might be watching someone do or demonstrate something and you get curious.  “What is that?”

As long as there has been Web 2.0 or Read/Write Web applications, there have been people creating lists, categorizing content, recommending resources, and more.

Edshelf is a resource that attempts to pull the best resources together.

In its simplest, explore the top free and paid applications from the front page.

But, take some time and dig deeper into the resource.  By digging into the entire database, explore applications by subject area or platform or grade or category.

In an attractive and easily navigated design, you can easily discover new applications or applications that you once knew but forgot a while back!  This type of database is available in many locations on the web in the form of lists or “best of” wikis.  This resource is one of the best that I’ve run across.  It’s certainly worth taking the time to visit and explore.

If you like what you see, register for an account.  At that point, you are reaching a new level.  Discover other educators and determine what they’re using and how they’re using it.

This is an approach to sharing resources that is really unique and has the potential to take off.

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