Noodling about Analytics

If there was any doubt that there is a world of people connected and participating, all that it takes is to dig into your analytics and see just what is there.

I have no illusions about this blog; it’s just a hobby for me and something that I do just to share whatever it is that I’m doing/reading/wondering about.  When you put it online, there’s no telling where a reader might come from.

I was away from home the past weekend and so just had a moment to maintain things but one thing that I did do was take a snapshot of my “Views by Country” during the day.  As I’m cleaning things up tonight, I notice the image.  On the day that I snapped this, I had blogged about the Google Earth’s 3D simulation of the Titanic.


Who would be interested in that type of post?  I don’t know specifically to this day but the analytics gives me an indication of where in the world they come from.

At the time that I had snagged the above image, the blog had received 153 visitors.  You can view the map as well as I can to see where they come from.

What I find fascinating and I’m inquisitive about is who are these people and what are they here for?  Without knowing much more, it’s all just speculation.  From my understanding, these are just people who happened to visit the site.  As you know, there are other ways of reading online content.

It’s a puzzle, to be sure.  But, a good puzzle.

It’s a good enough puzzle to recommend that everyone who has access to a keyboard and the internet take the time to noodle about.  Why wouldn’t a student want to write, publish, and then wonder about the analytics?


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