Merging Two Stories

I had a chance to take a very long trip yesterday.  As it often happens, I’m thinking about things as I drive along and I actually found myself laughing after a bit.

I recall when my son played minor league hockey.  The jerseys that the boys had had the names of local sponsors on the back of them.  There were two local real estate agents who sponsored the teams.  As luck would have it, as I’m freezing rinkside with other parents sipping my coffee at 5 in the morning, I was enlightened with some local hockey lore.  Yearly, the team sponsored by one of the agents had a winning record; and the other one had a losing one.  It made for great fun as the winner always had red jerseys and the other blue.  The significance of this was not lost on this Canadiens fan.

Anyway, there were two stories that I read this week that got me thinking.

Now, in-school advertising has always been one of those things that is avoided.  It’s silly because all that it takes is to walk down the hall and students are walking billboards from the branding on their jeans to their boots to their tops.  The school environment is plastered with the brand name on the basketballs, the manufacturer of the television sets in the classrooms, the publisher of their books, to …

But, I wonder…what if we combined the content in the two stories?

Supposed there were two vendors of sweet syrupy soft drinks competing for the advertising within the schools.

We could break up the schools within a district by the ranking that the Fraser report kindly provides.  The potential advertisers could begin bidding on the top 50% schools.  The winner would get to advertise there and the loser could advertise in the lower 50%.  

I was thinking of the advertising should a school in the bottom half elevate themself to the top half.  Could it be because of the soft drinks they were drinking?  For all the news reporting, it might as well be.  The stories don’t go deep enough to see the hard work and effort that teachers do to hone their teaching skills.

Thinking about that is enough to make you stop laughing.


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