A Spectacular LiveBinder of Web2.0 Resources

I stumbled on the following resource this afternoon and it’s definitely worth sharing.  You’d find it in my Diigo account if you looked there but I’d like to promote it a little more via a blog entry.

Web Tools for Teachers by Type is curated by Tim Wilhelmus.

Click on a tab and find the resources for Photo Editing, Blogging, Research Tools, Curation Tools, Drawing Tools, and more.

Within each tab, you’ll find the tools that he has identified that fall into that category.  So, for Curation, he has LiveBinders, Symbaloo, Museum Box, …

All in all, this is a very nice job gathering and categorizing resources in one spot.

Now, the ultimate goal isn’t to create accounts everywhere and learn all the ins and outs of each resource (although that would be nice if you can find the time…), but it’s nice when someone has done the legwork to give you a starting spot if you’re looking for a particular resource.

Bookmark this one; it’s a keeper.

OTR Links 04/29/2012

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