A Project Timeline

There has been a great deal of talk recently about Facebook’s upcoming timeline feature and what it could mean to your privacy.  What it does will just have to wait – most of the discussion has been pretty negative as is most anything on Facebook the first time it’s mentioned.  But, the concept is interesting.

I was playing around with Timewiki and getting a kick out of the results that are generated.  Now, before the conspiracy people get behind this — the information that is returned is what you’ve offered freely already.  It’s just repurposed into a “beautiful timeline”.

First step — just fill in the blanks for the social service that you’d like to include in your timeline.

At present, it supports content from your Twitter, Tumblr, Posterous, WordPress, or Instagram accounts.

Sit back while Timewiki does some crunching (squeezing kiwis) and then, voila!  A timeline of what you’ve posted to those services.

By itself, it’s an interesting opportunity for reflection to scroll back in time and see what’s up.  Admittedly, I could go back in time in Twitter and see messages.  Then, I could go back through WordPress.  Then, Posterous.  It’s really handy to look at them all at once.  But, where is it actually practical?

I was thinking something along the following scenario.

I’m doing a classroom project and we have a class Twitter account for regular updates, WordPress blog for milestone observations, and we’re taking pictures using Instagram.  Then, Timewiki would allow us to form an amalgam of all of the different content on the various services.  When I think of that, it starts to generate some pretty good ideas.  What a way to fully document a project!

Then, my original thought was “it’s too bad that Flickr wasn’t part of the offering”.  Yes, it is.  But, it’s not a biggy.  I would just start a class Posterous account and post my images there OR post them to Flickr and then use our friend IFTTT to write a rule to take the image from Flickr and put it into Posterous or Tumblr or WordPress.  It works so nicely.  In fact, if we view Posterous or Tumblr or WordPress as a place to gather all kinds of content from other social media, then the sky or at least the low clouds are the limit!

Then, around the dinner table when the question “What did you do in school today?” is asked, a click on the Timewiki not only shows it all, it’s all in order!

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