Western RCAC Symposium 2011 #rcac11

As I drove through London this afternoon, it was 14 degrees.  It’s hard to believe, given that temperature, that we’re just a few weeks from the Western Regional Computer Advisory Comittee’s Symposium 2011 but we are.  Perhaps the weather people haven’t heard that I’ve been asked back to help co-chair this year’s event.  Usually, my name elicits snow, sleet, ice, …

The date is December 8.  In the days leading to and on the day of Symposium, look for the Twitter hashtag #rcac11.

The setting is very unique at the beautiful Lamplighter Inn which is always decked out in its Christmas finest.

The Western RCAC is very excited to welcome its keynotes and breakout speakers to this year’s event.

Who hasn’t experienced and learned from a CommonCraft video? How about Cloud Computing, for example?

Lee LeFever will set the tone for the day with his open keynote address “The Art of Explanation”.  What is the genius behind his product?  How are these videos created?  More interestingly, how do you create a profession like this, using the new media, when it didn’t exist before!

Later in the day, Dr. Helen Barrett will share her insights and research on the use of ePortfolios in education.  Think about it…in this day and age, is it important that the learning stops so that a test can be given to assess at one point in time?  Isn’t portfolio evaluation which is ongoing and more reflective a more powerful approach?  Read my thoughts about Googlios from earlier in this blog.

If these two speakers don’t set off a terrific day of learning, consider the other sessions offered by Ontario educators.

  • Story Telling the Common Craft Way – Lee LeFever
  • Edmodo – Social Networking for Students, Teachers, and Parents – Peter McAsh
  • Using Twitter to Develop a Professional Learning Network – Danika Barker
  • The Idea Hive: Connections in the Thin Walled Classroom – Heather Durnin
  • Riding the Video Stream  (Video Streaming) – Kenji Takahashi
  • Facebook Part II – WRDSB’s Board Wide Facebook Rollout. – Mark Carbone
  • Primary Digital Literacy (Pixie 3) – Elaine Ernewein
  • Writing Conferences with the new Lightscribe ‘Echo’ Pen – Trevor Hammer
  • ePortfolios in Greater Detail – Helen Barrett
  • Early Years iPod Touch Literacy Project – Gidget Davidson
  • Why the Tools Matter, Technology for use in Special Education  – Kim Gill
  • The Future is Now ( Future Forms Project) – Harry Niezen
  • Project Based Learning: Rich and Relevant  – Peter Skillen, Brenda Sherry
  • Free and Open Source Software (FLOSS) – Marc Lijour
  • Unplugd.ca Why BLANK Matters – Zoe Branigan-Pipe, Rodd Lucier, Ben Hazzard
  • Frames 4 (OSAPAC Movie Production Software) – Janet Ewaskiw
Registration is still open.  Details are at the Western RCAC website at:  http://www.westernrcac.org

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