SeLNO 2011 Notes

I’m at the Symposium for eLearning in Northern Ontario in Thunder Bay where principals, educators, and Ministry people are meeting to talk about all things eLearning and Blended Learning.  I really like the catch phrase “Reaching Ontario students through digital learning”.

I had the great opportunity to hear Rob Scott, Peter Sovran, and Rose Burton-Spohn talk about the latest from eLearning Ontario.  My notes are below.

Rob Scott – New Tools to Support Student Learning

  • Rob demonstrated some of the new tools that have been added to the Ministry’s Learning Management System
  • Recording Audio is available in Dropbox, Discussion, News and ePortfolio – Record Audio button appears along side “Add a File ” button on the message creation.  “Add Video” will be the next addition – requires Flash to activate the service enable access to your computer
  • “Insert Stuff” tool lets you insert YouTube, Flickr, or and resource with an Embed code or files from the local hard drive – insert from Flick carries the copyright information forward – DeLC has to assign “Media Integration” to the teachers profile
  • The LMS can be accessed from handhelds and tablets
  • The Pager tool has been completely designed – now includes a Friends list
  • ePortfolio is a huge tool for storing, organizing, reflecting on and sharing items – artifacts
  • There is a Provincial Blended Learning Community – self-register and view training videos
  • Number of options for students to submit work – email, Dropbox – use “Leave Feedback” to provide feedback to students
  • Dropbox for Teachers app – inclusion of write over technology so that you can mark work on your portable device
  • Friends have to be in same Organizational unit in order to be added to your list – all students in your class are automatically your friends
  • artifacts can be tagged so that they can be easily retrieved by a concept
  • Presentation artifact stays inside the student’s ePortfolio – others can add/view comments

Peter Sovran – Reaching All Students Through Digital Learning

  • “An Ontario where students have unlimited opportunities to learn and achieve at a high level within a digital and ever changing world”
  • Did a PollEverywhere to get a definition of Blended Learning from the group
  • Differentiating instruction – student engagement were common answers
  • Collaboration
  • Face-to-Face ——————- Blended ——————- LMS
  • New multi-year contract with D2L
  • ePortfolio and analytics
  • Mobile enabled access
  • Elementary interface under development
  • SIS pilots currently underway
  • Call to Action – Investigate ePortfolio
  • Call to Action – Join an eCommunity 
  • Call to Action – Find out who your eLC is
  • Homework Help – Mathematics for Grades 7-10
  • Grade 12 Literacy Course (OLC40)
  • Capacity Building
  • Blended Learning
  • Instructional Use of Digital Learning Resources
  • Creating / Modifying Digital Learning Resources
  • There are 125 secondary courses available – includes a Java ICS course
  • Grade 7&8 courses – mathematics, science
  • Call to Action – help eLO set priorities

Rose Burton-Spohn – Successful Implementation Strategies for Blended Learning

  • Professional Development – customize LMS content, tools of the LMS, other packages, restructuring of classroom time
  • Four of the eight boards at the Symposium were pilot boards
  • Large group, small group, job-embedded, virtual, PLCs, buddy system
  • Choose your tools from the LMS wisely
  • Digital tools – board supplied computers, tablets, home supplied computers, tablets, smart phones
  • Connectivity is an asset – classrooms, common areas, student homes, buses, community areas
  • ePortfolio just might be shared with more than the original intented audience

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