Creating an Information Portal

For a long time now, I have used Symbaloo as my home page for my browser.  It’s quick, attractive, and is an easy way to share my regularly accessed links.  It’s by far the easiest way to have such a volume of things readily available.

I also find it a terrific way to easily access multiple websites easily if I’m doing a presentation.  Each of the tiles can be configured to link to a website of your choice or some of the programmed buttons from Symbaloo link to special actions.  And, of course, it should come as no surprise that they could also link to another Symbaloo document.

Creating a tile is as simple as clicking on an open area and following the prompts to add one of the many tiles that Symbaloo has pre-configured or make your own as needed.

But, what would a web service be without adding some sharing to it!  If you like my Symbaloo home, you can link to it here.  But, that’s probably not of a lot of interest – it’s just my personal mix.  But, there are some great collections that people have put together like this one on Web 2.0 Tools in Education.

or, how about this one for sports

In fact, there’s a search routine that lets you find webmixes that others have created and decided to share.  Just add them to your own starting page to take advantage of their generosity and work putting it together.

If you’re interested in the education program, Symbaloo has a whole EDU side with options that range from free to district-wide licensing at  There’s even an educational certification program as part of that package.

It’s always great to see a resource like this that is easy to use and implement.  If you’re looking at a very useful utility for a class start page or a portal to your curated resources, Symbaloo may well be what you seek.


OTR Links 11/23/2011

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