Closing Keynote #PILGF

The closing keynote address for the Partners in Learning Global Forum took place at the Warner Theatre.  Rather than a single keynote, the format included a five speaker panel.  Their focus was to challenge us with Big Ideas for Education.  A challenge is to actually question whether these “21st Century Skills” are the one that we need to pursue.

Before the keynote, a presenter from Intel Corporation laid the framework for the discussion to follow. The transformation model that Intel uses incorporates the aspects of Policy, Curriculum and Assessment, Research and Development, Information Communications Technology and Professional Development as the keys to Education Transformation.  My notes from the panel appear below.

Five Big Ideas for Education

Elise Pearlstein
Using film to drive multidisciplinary learning and social action

  • Trailer for “Last Call at the Oasis” about water
  • No Water, No Future
  • Singapore developed a new way to process water because they needed to be independent from Malaysia for water supplies.  “Newater”
  • Illuminates and informs
  • Simplifies complicated issues
  • Builds emotional connections
  • Sparks awareness and creates visibility
  • File can create change

Zainab Al-Suwau
Unlocking unprecedented learning opportunities for girls in the Muslim world

  • Talked about growing up in a culture where she dealt with oppression
  • Returned home to open schools
  • Worked on women political and financial empowerment
  • 25% of women in government after election
  • Use youth energy and activism to make change
  • Many people take democracy and freedom for granted

Diana Laufenberg
Experiencing and communicating the power of democracy in action

  • 65% was the highest turnout for an American election
  • Students were sent out to watch the 2008 election
  • Video clips from students reporting in on election day – interview people as they went to the polls – video on YouTube

Ninive Calegari
Promoting professionalism of teaching practice to strengthen the next generation of educators

  • Producer of “American Teacher”
  • 826 Valencia – Literacy Non-profit
  • Bring community into support the classroom teacher
  • Good writing is all about hard work
  • Big idea behind this project inspired by “Teachers Have It Easy”
  • Students need to do “Real Things”
  • 62% of teachers have second jobs outside the classroom
  • 9 out of 10 new jobs being created today require a college degree

Kari Stubbs
Sparking student inquiry and engagement through game-based learning

  • Horizon K-12 Report identifies games as important in the next few years
  • Games engage and good ones can be relevant and social
  • Games make it OK to fail and try different strategies
  • Layer of support for teacher available at Brainpop
  • All educational games from Brainpop are free
  • Think both about consumption and creation

What do you think?  Are these big issues in education for you?  Are there other issues that you would add to the list?

Great pictures of some of the teachers with their exhibits are available on Microsoft’s Flickr page.

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