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OK, the title may be a little misleading as I did reach back more than just the past week for some of the content.  But there continues to be great and thought provoking things coming from the blogs of Ontario Edubloggers.  I always enjoy highlighting some of the things that caught my eye and made me do some thinking.  I hope that you’re intrigued enough to go back and read the original post or perhaps some of the other great blogs that you’ll find here.

Recently, we had a blog take on a new address – Lisa Neale has ponied up some money to buy her own domain.  She now blogs at  If you’re reading her content via RSS, you’ll have to adjust.

From K-12 Teachers
It was irony of ironies that I focussed in on one of Rodd Lucier’s recent posts.  With all of the work that he’s done to try and educate the masses about Creative Commons, he found an instance of his own work that he felt wasn’t properly attributed.  The original picture was taken on his iPhone at Educon and it’s posted on Flickr.

AttributionNoncommercialby thecleversheep

So, he’s posted the image with “some rights reserved” which is his right as the original photographer.  The image ended up on the Educon website.  If you look, it’s been edited but I think that Rodd’s concern is that there’s no attribution to him or acknowledgement that it’s used under a Creative Commons license.  Interestingly enough, the Educon website includes a copyright notice of its own with “all rights reserved”.

Rodd muses that “We Can All Do Better” when it comes to respecting copyright.  I took a look at his Creative Commons licensing and it indicates that we’re (the bigger we … everyone) permitted to share and remix which I hope that the authors took into consideration.  The license goes further to indicate that it’s for non-commercial use – no problem – but that it needs to be attributed which is only common courtesy.  The attribution though, goes further indicating that you must attribute it in a manner that the author specified.  I looked, and perhaps missed it, but couldn’t find the manner that Rodd would have specified.  Does that give one carte blanche to use it as you see fit?

It seems to me that a simple acknowledgement of the original author or even an email or quick Twitter message seeking permission would have avoided any misconception or blog post.    The post is interesting reading – any of us who have posted content online must wonder, even if it’s just for a moment, if someone is using your work.  Rodd just happened to catch it.

From Trustees and Higher Education
I feel Joan’s pain.  If you’re following her blog, you’ll have read that she had to send her Galaxy S2 in for repairs and they gave her a loaner – an HTC Legend.  Now, my phone is a Legend and it’s just about the most perfect phone I’ve run across.  Just a tad smaller than most phones, it has a brilliant screen and an optical trackball.  Both devices run Android but HTC puts their HTC Sense interface on top of it and it’s pure genius.

I can understand her desire to not want to bond with it!  I liked reading her adventures with her phone.  I wonder if the companies that make these devices, that are becoming so essential to our lives, read the blogs as well.  There’s so much to learn from the end user experience when you find someone who is good enough to provide the details about what they went through.  At least, I would hope that they would care.  I suspect that they don’t though.  I’ve never seen another device as well designed as the Legend and even HTC seems to have moved on in their design.  Hopefully, there will be something as good or better when it becomes my turn to upgrade.

From Principals, VPs, and Administration
If there ever was a blog post that you might want a graphic organizer to get a clear picture, Mark Carbone’s blog entry about a birthday present would be it.  It’s not that Clappison’s Corners is remote – it’s that Tim Horton’s doesn’t provide wireless internet access like other coffee shops do.

Mark ends up delivering the ultimate birthday present – a brand new iPhone.  What a present!  But, if you’ve ever worked with a device from Apple, ultimately it needs to connect to the internet during the initial setup process.  I can just imagine the conversation and, of course, you don’t say the words that come to mind in front of your daughter.

But, if you have your own iPhone (and Mark has been known to carry multiple devices), you can use the hotspot feature to provide your own internet access to do the deed.

I can just imagine the other customers – wow, Tim Horton’s has internet access now? Wow!

From Consultants and SATs
Building a community online when you don’t get the opportunity to meet face to face can be a real challenge.  Brenda Sherry is working with Fotobabble to see if she can’t use the visual as a way to build connections.

I could see this working.

Traditionally, you get to know each other online via initial posts to a forum or via a blog.  In theory, that should work but those who took Grade 9 typing and/or have already learned the skill of online communication definitely have an advantage.  By taking a picture, it levels the playing field – anyone can take a picture of their passion and then use it to start conversations can work nicely.

I remember when I distributed RCA Small Wonders to the CIESC group a few years ago.  After the initial easy setup, they had to leave the building and work in pairs and then come back with a short video illustrating some sort of mathematical concept.  They had a whale of a time doing the activity but really enjoyed each other’s creativity when sharing.  I hope that Brenda has a similar enjoyable experience and shares how it went.

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