No Distractions

With the advent of the YouTube for Teachers, finding great videos to support the curriculum is easier than ever to find.  I think this is the only intelligent way to get the best of this service for your classroom.  However, even though the content that you’ll find is terrific, there can still be challenges.

The typical layout is still classic YouTube.  For home viewing and entertainment, there are some features that are less than helpful in the class for focused viewing.  Even though you have a nice collection of videos, you still have the comments added by others which can be distracting.  Then, on the right side, you have a collection of related videos that YouTube thinks that perhaps you’d enjoy as well.  Before long, you can miss the original intent of viewing the video in the first place.

There’s a couple of ways to get around this.  First, consider embedding the original video into your class wiki.  I like that concept because then it just becomes part of the flow of the lesson and you can support the viewing with all kinds of other content.  But, suppose you don’t have a classroom wiki or other LMS at your fingertips.

Enter Safeshare.TV.

What if you just wanted to display a video and that’s that.  You’ve got your computer connected to a data projector and you just want the movie.  It’s easily done with Safeshare.  Just copy the URL of your YouTube video and paste it into the Safeshare form and seconds later, you’re watching the same video on a nice stage without all of the distractions.

Gone are the distractions and you’re left with just the original video.

Safeshare generates its own unique URL so that you can send the link home for homework; you now have a great presentation stage for school assemblies, and much more.


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