Almost got it

Before I left for Thunder Bay, I thought that I had better do a little research about my potential audience.  Now, I had contacted some friends who had given me some advice but where better to get your resources than the internet.  Rather than wander around random websites, I decided to put my old friend Qwiki to work.  What does it know about education in Thunder Bay?,_Ontario

View Education in Thunder Bay, Ontario and over 3,000,000 other topics on Qwiki.

As it turned out, Qwiki provides a nice overview summary of what’s happening.  But, it did bring a smile to my face when I had it read to me.  Qwiki’s use of the French language needs a little work!  I hope this brings a smile – even to my French-speaking friends.

I’m not the only one who needs to polish my second language!  But, the original Qwiki (see link above) and the related ones do give a quick overview of the area and that’s its goal.


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