Retro Computing

Today’s post brings a tear to the eye.  Retro computer advertisements.  For all you 21st Century learners, there were indeed, computers before iPads….

How many readers remember…

  • penril modems;
  • digi-log systems;
  • when 16K of RAM was enormous;
  • 80MB for under $12,000;
  • Technico Inc;
  • Honeywell;
  • Issac Asimov flogging colour computers;
  • Tandy 2000;
  • Introduction of Microsoft Excel;
  • Elvira flogging paper-less solutions?

Image courtesy of Retronaut

Check out all of the advertising and have a smile here:

Teachers, as you meet your students today, remind them that there was life before Angry Birds!


OTR Links 11/14/2011

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