Are your students writing technical manuals?

If not, why not? Technical manuals are such a challenge to read.  If you're Scotty from Star Trek, you might read them from cover to cover.  But, how about the rest of us?  Most software applications or websites come with pretty comprehensive manuals that explain every nuance that goes with their product.  There are great … Continue reading Are your students writing technical manuals?


OTR Links 10/31/2011

prefuse | interactive information visualization toolkit Prefuse is a set of software tools for creating rich interactive data visualizations. The original prefuse toolkit provides a visualization framework for the Java programming language. The prefuse flare toolkit provides visualization and animation tools for ActionScript and the Adobe Flash Player. tags: visualization java opensource graph software programming … Continue reading OTR Links 10/31/2011

OTR Links 10/30/2011

Free File Sharing - Free file serving / sharing service tags: storage filesharing cloud sharing file_sharing File almacenamiento Grant and receive favors with your social network - Favors is where founders and professionals broadcast and fulfill each other's requests for help. Requests can be as simple as a retweet or as important … Continue reading OTR Links 10/30/2011

OTR Links 10/29/2011

Free teaching resources for special education Nice collection of resources - don't forget to share with parents for home use. tags: new content resources sen teacher site updates teaching Bloom's Taxonomy for 21st Century Learning | Bloom's Taxonomy for 21st Century Learning “Resources for using Bloom's Revised Taxonomy for 21st Century Learning” ***Use with … Continue reading OTR Links 10/29/2011