Just Good Stuff

In this world, there’s all kinds of ways to find the funny, the evil, the nasty and generally the sorts of things that make the sensational part of the news.  I admit that I’m intrigued when stories like that come across my computer screen and often will take a sidetrack to see what’s up.  Perhaps it’s just human nature.  I don’t know.

Where do you turn when you’re looking for good news?  Is there good news to be had?


For a while now, I’ve been subscribing to The Daily Good.  It’s a daily news letter full of just Good stories.  It’s inspirational and more often that not affirms that there are indeed all kinds of great things happening.  If I had to teach character education, then I know that I would find this resource useful.


One of the latest edition of the newsletter included even better news.

It’s a Good Finder.


Stories here are submitted by readers and consistent with other news services, the stories can be voted “up” by those reading.  It’s a wonderful source of good news inspiration.

If you’re looking for positive news stories, this is definitely one place that you’ll want to turn to for reading.


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