Extraordinary sights at home

Yesterday morning, my friend Lisa Cranston tagged me with this post. All of the World’s Extraordinary Sights on One Map She knows that I'm a lover of maps and this one is fascinating.  While I'm not the world traveller in the family, I do like poking around looking here and there for interesting things. And, [...]

Whatever happened to …

... road maps? There was a time when no car was complete without one.  In fact, there was a time when they were free for the asking at a gas station.  They were promotional in nature and came with advertising. The real kicker was being able to fold it back up when you were done. [...]

Whatever happened to …

... PCGlobe? Now that I've unlocked the lock that was keeping me out of Windows, I used it as an opportunity to do a backup.  Isn't it sad that it takes a moment like that to job the memory? Anyway, as I "watched" the files fly by, I was reminded that I seldom throw anything [...]

It’s windy out there

Don't you just love the expression "Everybody complains about the weather but nobody does anything about it?"  It's hard to give advice except "come in out of the rain"! I enjoy watching the Weather Channel and the local weather.  It helps predict the future and what sorts of things that you might plan for the [...]

This Week in Ontario Edublogs

Good morning, everyone.  Or, good whatever depending upon when you access this post.  I'm delighted to share with you some of the inspirational thoughts from Ontario Edubloggers that I've encountered recently. My Last 10 I'm not sure what number it takes to create a meme but the people I know about bit on a challenge [...]

Does your light shine?

It's no secret that I love looking at a good map. This one is no different.  Well, at least not in my interest of it.  It was how the map was created. Using data obtained from Twitter. Read about it in this article.  "How to Create Beautifully Detailed Maps Using Twitter Data". The article is [...]

How big?

You never know where your next bit of inspiration comes from.  I was looking around to see the entries for next Sunday at Leamington Raceway and then got into a stream of Twitter messages from harness racing people.In the midst was this ...People always ask:"How big is @WoodbineRacing?"- #Woodbine on left and downtown #Toronto on [...]