My, how you’ve grown

Doesn't it seem like things have grown in your community over the years? I know that, around here, there are subdivisions where there were once farmers' fields or forests. There's another way to get a real sense of growth and what we're doing to our communities and indeed, our planet. It's called Google Timelapse.  The … Continue reading My, how you’ve grown


A tale of two government services

Did your phone just tell us there are police ahead? My wife asked me. "Why yes, yes it did" I responded. Last week, we did some travelling Toronto way during the nasty weather. Normally, I just use the GPS that is built-in with my car for map navigation but I wanted a little extra so … Continue reading A tale of two government services

Maps, oh my!

I drove home from Leamington the other day and, as I put things on the counter including my phone, I noticed that the home screen game me the temperature from Marshfield, Ontario. I mentally retraced my path and I had no idea where Marshfield was.  I thought that I knew of every place in Essex … Continue reading Maps, oh my!

Playing catch up

Like many people, I suspect, who went to school when I did, my education included a certain approach to our First Nations people.  Looking back now, I completely see that it was biased and certainly did not even attempt to address all sides to us.  In fact, I'd be willing to bet that our teachers … Continue reading Playing catch up

Life, as we know it

Last week, in my This Week in Ontario Edublogs, I shared Larissa Aradj's post about Geographic tools that she learned about at the California Geo Teacher Institute.  With my fascination with maps, there has been considerable time and exploration put into this. In the post, Larissa shared a map of Ontario capture from the Map of … Continue reading Life, as we know it