Does your light shine?

It's no secret that I love looking at a good map. This one is no different.  Well, at least not in my interest of it.  It was how the map was created. Using data obtained from Twitter. Read about it in this article.  "How to Create Beautifully Detailed Maps Using Twitter Data". The article is [...]

How big?

You never know where your next bit of inspiration comes from.  I was looking around to see the entries for next Sunday at Leamington Raceway and then got into a stream of Twitter messages from harness racing people.In the midst was this ...People always ask:"How big is @WoodbineRacing?"- #Woodbine on left and downtown #Toronto on [...]

Another unique option

The past couple of days has seen me taking a look at a couple of mapping options.  To the list, I'd like to add a third - OpenStreetMap. It's considerably different from the other two which are managed by Google and Bing.  OpenStreetMap is created and built by the local community.  Consequently, the community decides [...]

Size matters

One of the things about having part of your life open to others is they start to feed you the good stuff. It happened yesterday when my friend Alfred Thompson shared this image. His friends joined into the discussion and soon, two URL were shared that kept me busy for a while.  Remember me and [...]

Visualising population

Give me a good map and I'm occupied for hours. Such was the case with the World Population Map. This resource maps population growth and much more. Check out the bottom of the screen for a scrubber bar that lets you visualise the growth of population from the past to the present. The coloured lines [...]