This Week in Ontario Edublogs

Welcome to the first Friday of summer and another look at some great offerings from Ontario Edubloggers.  If you're from Ontario Education and blogging, please make sure that you're on that list.  The landing page has a link to a form to let me know your desire. As always, there's some interesting reading and thinking [...]

More clipart

One of the things that worked out nicely in the update to the Webquest that I had posted about yesterday was doing some link checking.  There were quite a few that needed replacement. I took the opportunity as well to update the graphic in the body of the Webquest.  I turned to one of my [...]

A “No-Bullying Proposal” Webquest

Yesterday's "Whatever happened to ..." post took me back to working with Webquests.  In the body, I commented: In reality, there’s nothing that requires that it be completed in a Google Doc. It could be a regular word processing document with links embedded or a Microsoft Word Online or OneNote document. It could be created [...]

This Week in Ontario Edublogs

It's time for my weekly wander around the province checking out great blogs posts.  Enjoy the works from Ontario Edubloggers.   I Was a Bad Teacher Today Everyone has an off day.  What makes it rise to the elevation of "bad" though belongs in the eye of the first person.  That first person in this [...]

This Week in Ontario Edublogs

Ontario Edubloggers are a special type of type of people.  There's always some great learning, sharing, and story telling happening.  Check out what I ran into lately. Recognizing Stressors Lisa Cranston is back at analysing things that cause her stress.  As shown earlier, she's using a graphic organizer to put her thoughts in order.  She's [...]

This Week in Ontario Edublogs

Welcome to June!  Once again, it's my honour to share with you some of the great reading from the blogs of Ontario Edubloggers.  As always, there are some really good things to get your head around. Construction Zones to Classrooms We all know that there are two seasons in Canada.  Winter and Construction. Sue Bruyns [...]

Because of this, we can do that

If you're like me, you use Google Maps.  And, probably for a lot of things other than just drawing a map.  You might explore new places, get driving directions, look for traffic problems on highways, get a visual of construction sites to ignore, and much more. Over the weekend, I read and highly encourage you [...]