This Week in Ontario Edublogs

Happy Friday before the long weekend. I hope that you can check out these posts over the weekend. I think you'll find them very inspirational. I know that I did. Virtual Reality in the Math Class: Moving from Abstract to Concrete I've been playing around with Virtual Reality off and on ever since I heard … Continue reading This Week in Ontario Edublogs


This Week in Ontario Edublogs

It's time for some Friday morning reading. Check out these great posts from Ontario Edubloggers. Mathland Actually I was intrigued to find out just what Jim Cash was going to blog about after reading the title. I expected to find a review of some program that includes Mathland in its title. There are so many … Continue reading This Week in Ontario Edublogs

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Yesterday was EdCampLdn. It was yet another great day of learning for me. Plus, it's a chance to meet people face to face that I'd "known" for a while online. One of the things that impressed me was that, with all these educators together in one spot, I didn't hear a phone ring or send … Continue reading Blog abuse