What could be

Thanks to Andrew Forgrave for the inspiration to write this post. Last week, he wrote a couple of posts that appeared on his blog: - Support Your ECOO - How Does ECOO Get Its Board of Directors? The title of this post was going to be “What a subject association could be”. In Ontario, the [...]

This Week in Ontario Edublogs

It's always fun to be able to share some of the great inspiration that I read from Ontario Edubloggers.  Here's some of what I caught this past while. OER Repository on the Commons: A “Brief” History Last week, I got on a bit of a tear about the ExplainEverything application.  Aviva Dunsiger had shared a [...]

Before the storm

It's the day before the Bring IT, Together Conference.  Your hard working conference committee is at work making sure that everything is under control.  I took my phone for a walkabout. Everything looks so professional and on topic during the event. I thought it might be interesting to document it before the doors open to [...]

This Week in Ontario Edublogs

It's been another wonderful week's worth of reading from the blogs of Ontario Edubloggers.  Here's a sampling of what I caught this past while.Why We Should Care About Equity & Social Justice as EducatorsHave you ever walked into a room full of people and you were the only one that looked visibly different? If you [...]

Ziglar Quotes

I got on a bit of a roll because of a few things. Saturday, a number of us on the Bring IT, Together Conference committee met in London to evaluate the sessions submitted for inclusion in the conference.  There were so many great proposals, including a couple that talked about how to make better presentations [...]

Whatever happened to …

... SIGs. Special Interest Groups - at least the Educational Computing Organization of Ontario ones. Thanks to Peter Skillen for inspiring this thought with his comment about SIG-Logo from last week.  There was a time when SIGs were a very active, in fact the most active part of ECOO.  I can't recall them all but [...]