A Beautiful, Windy Map

I really enjoy visualizations on the computer.  This one puts me over the top. Visit the website:  http://earth.nullschool.net/  and sit back and watch. Wind patterns are animated and displayed on the globe. How do we verify the source?  That’s always important.  There’s no easily apparent source or author until you click on the “earth” titleContinue reading “A Beautiful, Windy Map”

Distance to Mars – A Study in Pixels

Reference to this resource came through on my “Infographics” feed.  So, I checked it out and it’s a very interesting visualization.  When you click start, Earth is visualized as 100 pixels wide.  We all know what a pixel is so it’s an interesting and familiar reference. Click the arrow at the bottom of the screenContinue reading “Distance to Mars – A Study in Pixels”

From Where Does Your Learning Come?

  I read a great post yesterday from Dangerously Irrelevant from “way back” in June of 2011.  It was entitled “If you were on Twitter yesterday…” and it brought back a nice memory.  I recall reading it when it was originally posted and so it was a nice déjà vu.  Other than nostalgia, it’s aContinue reading “From Where Does Your Learning Come?”