My, how you’ve grown

Doesn’t it seem like things have grown in your community over the years? I know that, around here, there are subdivisions where there were once farmers’ fields or forests. There’s another way to get a real sense of growth and what we’re doing to our communities and indeed, our planet. It’s called Google Timelapse.  TheContinue reading “My, how you’ve grown”

Challenge your students

In 5 clues… This is a resource created by Michael Soskil and I’ll warn you right now, from personal experience, it’s a rabbit hole. A very nice rabbit hole! It uses technology but it isn’t about technology. In fact, I could think of various ways to include technology but I think that would take awayContinue reading “Challenge your students”

Happy Summer Everyone

OK, this message should have been posted yesterday when the first day of summer actually occurred.  However, I did have my “This Week in Ontario Edublogs” to get out the door. There’s a special message for you.  Just click here. Billed as “How Geeks Show They Care”, geoGreeting creates a custom message for you basedContinue reading “Happy Summer Everyone”

For Lisa

This post is for @nobleknits2 who stole a bunch of time from me when she suggested that I look at Geoguessr.  Well, Lisa, you know what they say about paybacks… I re-ran into this site this morning and immediately dropped all productive work.  It’s called the Traveller IQ Challenge. Presented with a challenge of aContinue reading “For Lisa”


@nobleknits2 owes me a few hours of my life back! She introduced me to GeoGuessr and it’s been an obsession ever since. It’s a geographic game and the “Guessr” part of the name is unfortunate.  If you enjoy geography and can get clues from images, it’s really all about inquiry and discovery.  All in aContinue reading “GeoGuessr”